Card game played like rummy where if you drop any cards in the course of the game the other players get to use the deck of cards to hit your knuckles.
After we played nucks my hand was bleeding.
by ultradense August 19, 2006
Top Definition
The Nuck is when you're getting ready to do the dirty to a girl's asshole and instead of just sticking two fingers in there, you stick all 4 up to your big knuckles.

Furthermore, the double Nuck is when you use both hands up to your big knuckles.
I was with this ho last night and I was poundin' her for hours when I decided I wanted somma that sweet ass, so I nuck'd her!
by THEdickhatch January 20, 2008
nuck, often preceding the word buck.
to nuck is to acutally participate in a fight after the preliminary offense of buck is issued.
'y0 boy was you lookin at my hoe'
'wat if I was?'
'well nuck if you buck'
by brian skimmons December 28, 2004
A shortened form of the word 'canucks,' referring to Canadians.

The term is sometimes used in reference to the hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks.
Don't be shy, we're all 'Nucks here, eh?

Hey, are you a 'Nucks fan?
by Keekadeek February 14, 2011
The term is most commonly referred to as,


1: a physical act performed by the male partner, immediately preceding sexual intercourse in a rear-entry position.

2: To position one's self to sexually penetrate his partner, specifically in a back-entrance position, otherwise known as 'doggy-style' (common slang).

3: To prepare for copulation.

4: When a stallion (a male horse) positions itself on top of the female horse, just prior to breeding. This pre-penetration act is known as nucking.
In a 'doggy-style' position, the male is typically standing on his two legs and supporting himself with one of his arms either on the floor or the female's back. Meanwhile, he is stabilizing himself by adjusting his footing/balance, if you can picture that. The male is nucking, getting ready to penetrate the female. It is the most natural, primitive state of sexual intercourse between male and female. (i.e., as the beast nucked in preparation for copulation, the excruciating anticipation of the pleasure awaiting him caused his erection to jump and ooze with pre-ejaculate fluid.)
by Derell Johnson February 21, 2014
Short for knuckle, as in knuckle up, prepare to fight.
"Dont get nuck 'less you ready to throw down"
by Sylkki August 02, 2006
when you fuck a girl and get a nuke in call of duty.
Ryan just nucked Jess while his little brother watched from a distance.
by Navy Seal November 24, 2010
making a fist and punching another's fist. commonly done while saying "NUCKS!"

often used during happy moments or excited times
1. DUDE! Nucks!

2. That was awesome! Nucks!

3. Hey! Nucks to that!
by swizz&french May 14, 2010
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