A common name for a young gamer, who makes stupid, immature or vandalistic acts. Usually in an MMORPG. When in a group, a Gaggle of Nubtards
Player 1: Finally! My Guild temple is complete!
(turns back to walk away)
Nubtard : HA! PW3ND!! (spray paints a phallic image on the temple door and flees)
Player 1: Damn those Freakin' nubtards....
by 12 ounce February 21, 2008
Top Definition
someone who is a cross between a n00b and a retard. a nub-tard. Usually used in extreme cases of n00bism or retardedness in gaming-circles.
Holyboy was such a nubtard when he suicided his army against me.
by tuxed0 of irc.netgamers.org February 21, 2005
Something or someone that acts like a "retard" but really is not.
Nathan, Stop acting like a nubtard. Go ride the short bus.
by reeky clan December 28, 2005
A AA/MoH player like Desant...
Desant you NUBTARD!!!!!!!!!!!
by Tzan February 20, 2004
Someone who is a fucking moron also see Fixx .
Omg, did you see that nubtard? what was his name? Fixx?
by Cheez March 22, 2003

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