the video game cross between a nub and a num nut

a nub nut would be someone who always fucks up in search and destroy and or makes the team lose all the time maybe one of your best friends but he/she is videogame impaired!
player1-what a friggin dumb ass i told you he was coming from behind you!
player2- i didnt see him!!!!
player1- thats because he was behind you your such a friggin nub nut!!!!
by deeznutz805 November 24, 2009
Top Definition
A nubnut is a person who is extremely awkward. They tend to create awkward silences, creep on attractive people, and do awkward things like save wrapping paper, keep endless amounts of paper bags in the backpack, drop glass bottles, and stare at blank walls. Many people gain amusement from a nubnut even if it is not the nubnut's goal. A nubnut can be a very lovable person, but usually they are clueless and cute. Friend a nubnut, they can always make you laugh.
"Woah, I can see messages in the clouds!"
"You're such a nubnut!"

Look at that girl saving her Christmas napkins in her lunchbox. What a nubnut!
by nubnut71 December 22, 2010
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