A nublet is someone who was so unfortunate to get pwned by a nub {who got pwned by a nooblet (who got pwned by a noob)}
Mind you he/she was spamming the chat room (hmm, looks like toilet mouth, insults, and ad links :) ) instead of paying attention to the nub he was fighting.
nublet: ROFLMAO <censored> nub <censored>!!!!
nublet: <censored> <censored> <censored> <censored>!!!!
nublet: url://freepr0n.com/viral_porn.exe
NUBLET has DIED!!! 1 exp earned!
nub: haha u got pwned! but im still a nub ;(
by FyarBall January 25, 2008
Top Definition
The pre-maturation status of a nub or the offspring of two nubs.
Cry me a river, nublet. *knife*
by ilandino April 19, 2003
The word nublet is used in many occcasssions. Especially in gaming such as CS. It is a huge degradation of someone and is someone who either sucks at a game or just doesnt know what they are doing. From the word Newb or N00B.
Nich is a nublet and i pwnt him at life.
by PunkMaster December 25, 2004
a nublet is someone/something that has not yet reached nub status
OMG. YOU'RE SUCH A NUBLET. not even a nub yet. no. you are just a little nublet!
by icecreamsandwich August 10, 2010
Word trace:
nublet>nub>noob>newbie>new player

Most commonly used in MMORPGs
New player: can i have free stuff pl0x?
Expierienced player: no nublet
by Danielpop47 November 25, 2008
and adjective describing a very young or small noob. A very inexperianced player.
Dudey is a McNublet.
by madcat356 October 18, 2006
1. Half small pig half small noob
2. A term used by greg to describe someone he just owned
STFU you stupid nublet I just owned your face!
by Hunter April 29, 2003
A mjor nub but way worse
That kid is a major nublet
by kiplet January 09, 2007
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