Noun - when someone things that they can eat noobs for breakfast, but in fact it is the other way around.
wow that guy online thought he could own me but he is a total nubcake
by Naughty Papasmurf February 07, 2008
Top Definition
a nub who's failures exceed all other nubs in their immediate area, thus making them the "biggest nub" or the "icing on the cake of nubs" They tend to not only be horrible at whatever it is they are doing, but also have no idea that they are horrible at it. They are such nubs that they are capable of bringing down even the most elite when present. They are dangerously idiotic.
Person 1: I put Caity on our team to even out the game.
Person 2: Makes sense, she's a nub and we are decent players.
Person 1: Yeah, but she's the only nub on our team and she's
brought our score down more than the team of all nubs
Person 2: Wow, what a nub cake.
by Honest Justice May 27, 2006
1) noun - The state of being a nub.
2) verb - In an act of nubness.
1) someone says something stupid -> mmk nubcake
2) someone freaks out about nothing -> hahhahahah nubcake it'll be ok
3) someone calls you a cheater -> ktp nubcake
by voss May 01, 2003
1. (n) A person lacking experience and/or common sense (see also nub, newbie, noob, n00b, nublet);

2. (n) A delicious confectionary treat offered to someone who displays the characteristics defined above, specifically for those players of Counter Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source. (as seen on
1. -- Shut up you nubcake!
-- You are such a nubcake, go get some skillz!

2. -- Give that kid some nubcakes so he doesn't feel so bad.
-- That kid just served you some nubcakes!
by {CD}Gonzo July 19, 2006
The worst state of newbiness (see below).
go home nubcakes.
nubcakes get off the comp.
nubcakes you're 1-32 kill someone already.
by T. Rain December 21, 2005
Noun- Someone that sucks at an online game. Used as an insult that typically irritates the person at whom it is being directed. Derived from the word nub, which is a variation of the word noob. Usually, the word nubcake is exchanged among experienced players in a joking manor, since most real noobs would not understand its meaning.
"sweet micro nubcake..."

"lol noob, would you like some nubsauce with ur nubcakes?"

", ally is a complete nubcake"

"aight man, ttyl" "peace nubcake"
by Chris Mickle November 29, 2006
a nub. in fact, its a very big nub. one greater than all other nubs. his stupidity should be feared.
1. man, only nub cakes hit parked cars....while walking.
2. oh, ok nub cake. way to go. i told you to keep it in your pants.
by raging nub cake January 08, 2003
a variation of the word "noob" plus all the deliciousness of cake all made up into one word. Makes for epic funny insult.
Player1: man, this game owns! *gets shot in the head.*

Player2: *looks @ dead body + laughs.* what a nubcake!

Player1: ha ha-Shuddap...
by Jet Almighty October 28, 2008
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