A polite version of nob, someone who is not quite a nob but almost there.
Person 1: That guy is a nob.
Person 2: Bit harsh, he's a nub
by NATPODGEY January 29, 2010
1. Nub is worse than a noob. A nub is someone whose been doing something for a while and is still slow and/or a retard at doing that thing.

2. Nub is someone not on your level but thinks they are so awesome when they are not.
1: OMG alexa is such a nub...she keeps taking my words when i clearly tell her its mine. I own NUB and every variation of it.

2:Dude i swear josh is a nub. he think he owns at halo when he completely fails at it.
by Jevsantos91493 July 17, 2009
You. You are a nub for looking this up. A nub is not a noob (hah, classic nub thinking they are the same). A noob is someone who is new to something (a newbie), and thus inexperienced and often bad at it. A nub, on the other hand, is someone who has experience in something but is still terribad at it. Nub-ness applies to all aspects of life; encompassing one's knowledge, skills and even their views.
Burridge: I brought tacos.
Heman: Mexican night was last week, nub!
Felix: MAN! Coca Cola Cherry is like the same as Dr Pepper! I love it!
Roger: You are such a nub it disgusts me.
by Getting slicky with it. October 07, 2010
someone who is not like others but in a good way. nubs are interested in fun, laughing, non-doors, and winning. nubs usually form nub-groups and generally hold "nubfest" each year-a celebration of the nubs. nubs know how to live life and don't sweat the technique.
Mrs. Fink's class is filled with nubs, they are so much fun, i want to be a nub!
by nubberrr October 28, 2008
A shorter Version of Noob. It is Nub because the person is so new and stupid they don't deserve the other "o" in Noob
Carl is such a nub
by thesuperdoooperk3wel kid July 25, 2008
Used to refer to people who have small dicks, it is also a nickname you call anyone. On the other hand females have microscopic nubs, because they don't have a nub. If you are trying to tell someone they have a big dick then you would call them a Bige
You are such a nub.
Stop being a nub.
You little tiny nub.
Can I please suck on your mothers nub?
Wow look at that little nub.
by tumadre69 June 25, 2010
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