Newbie, spelt with even less letters to emphasize the extreme shitiness of someone. Sometimes confused for a stump left by a severed limb.
He needs an aimbot to get frags! What a fecking nub...
by Acid^Rogue September 10, 2003
to be new=nuB.
pr0jekt is a nub.
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
someone who is new or inexperienced;newbie
"That guy is a NUB! He is losing every game!"
by XIAAoO June 27, 2007
if you use this word or others like leet hacker n00b and get home from school or work if you even bother to shower that day and you get on the computer and play computer games for hours upon hours you also think you sound really awesome when you call people such things as nublets and need to step away from the computer and into the social world. realize that everybody gets pissed off when freaks like you say these things. just stop. this is my advice.
Lots of Love,
Conrad:hey guys I got 678 that time!

Leroy:you nub! my lowest score is 1311.
by akfjdsfa March 17, 2007
An amature,no experience. A noob newbie,(sucks at everything).2 A fag that sucks at somthing.

That wangsta is a fricking nub at smoking.
by Franky D.jay September 11, 2006
Similar to noob.

It's like noob as it can be used as an insult when commenting on an act someone did (something stupid)

*It's also like noob as you can fool with newbs. (It is the reason why the definitions are so messed up)

You can call a friend a nub.

You use nub when you are talking about someone who is definitely NOT a newb.
Un-like noob which is used in almost every situation under the sun)
"what a nub <insert explanation>" - most common
"lol nub"

: lol nub
~: nub?
~: was is this 'nub'
: j00 lolololz
: XD"

by Tharcide September 10, 2006
Started in a high school in Arizona, where there was a girl who just had nubs for arms. We called her "nubs". The word became popular in our group for something lame and failing at life.
Not pertaining or related to the word n00b or gaming.
Zach: I have TiVo and all I record on it is King of the Hill.
Bryan: Shut up you nub. (Followed by a pimp slap)
Alex: Fuckin nub.
Alex: Man, that band that played at our school sucked.
Bryan: Yeah, they really need to stop with all that nubbery.
by Queen of Pwnage March 03, 2006

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