A newbie, esp. one that is too stupid to be called a newb.

Note that nub is not pronnounced "newb" or "noob". "Nub" rhymes with "sub" and "tub".
New players who are ignorant are called newbs. Players who are not new but still ignorant are called nubs.
by Isurus May 04, 2005
nüb is usually someone with the name alex, or aaron which makes them more nub than usual because theyre name is alex or aaron. nüb is like a nub but more harsh.
aaron: im so uber 1337, lets go play
1337 guy: your not 1337
aaron: *grins*
1337 guy: nüb.....
by Alex the nüb April 27, 2005
A person who is a newbie at something, variation of the popular term n00b or newbie
Look at that Counter-Strike nub who doesn't even know how to buy weapons. Sad.
by maasa hiroki April 02, 2005
nub=newb,noob ect. A good way to explain retarded people who blow a the game.
NUB: ROFLZOR!1! GG ...........PWNT!!!!!!!!! You: HAH STUPID NUB PLS CRY
by :) February 14, 2005
Someone who is a general dumbass, comes up with stupid ideas, causing you to groan in disbelief at his/her stupidity. This reaction is almost always followed by a back-handing type gesture, where the back of the right hand is forced into the palm of the other, making a loud slapping noise. (Referred to as a Nubslap).

The Nubslap is the only known way to keep a nub in line.

The advantages to using "nub" over "noob" or "newbie" is that it has a much quicker, harsher sound when spoken. You can also shout it without it sounding gay (NOOOOOOB sounds gay no matter what).
Nub: Hey mon, we should go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of Windex!
Person: What? Why?
(Nub maintains a shiteating grin while shrugging shoulders)
(Person performs a Nubslap)
Person: Fucking nub.
by SkullWolf November 15, 2004
Someone who can't spell noob or newbie!
I am a nub because I can't spell newbie!
by Unleashed2k August 16, 2004
Complete moron, knows nothing about life or online gaming. Also see Newbie, n00b, and fucktard
Pennywisdomj: If I made a mold of my errect penis, and had a girl strap it on and fuck me in the ass....would that be gay?
by Lemur April 28, 2004
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