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What she is. Someone who has no arms or legs.
Oh she may not walk the walk, and she may not like to talk
But boy she sure knows how to rock, she's nubs.
by Punk rocking bassist March 08, 2005
39 65
A slang term for a joint of Marijuana, or just reefer in itself.
"Yo nigga, where da nubs at?"
by Daniel Beckmann July 24, 2006
11 38
One of the many variations to the word noob; a term commonly used to belittle anyone who is new, unfamiliar, or simply sucks dick at a particular video game.

Synonyms: newb, newbie, noob, n00b, n00blar...etc...etc...

Antonyms: elite, l33t, 1337...etc...etc...
nub: how to play?

1337: just aim and shoot.

nub: ...how to play?

1337: go read the manual or check out forums for l33t advice.

nub: manual? forum?

1337: OMG, ffs you idiot. Just press Alt + F4 than you dumbass nub.

(nub exits game)
by Richard Huang November 11, 2004
76 103
an acronym for an unqualified submarine sailor
u- useful
shut up you fucking nub
by sts3 August 19, 2004
97 124
For fuckers that don't know how to spell "noob." A "nub" is a cut off body part. Besides, noob or whatever the way you say it, its a stupid word that only little kiddies that think they are all bad ass at computer games use. Stupid asses.
dumbass: y0u gotz nubbed, y0u nub.

me: uhh...right...and...how old are you??
by kazoo December 17, 2003
16 43
a stupid newbie to a game or other online activity.
That stupid Nub got killed by a level 2 chicken in runescape.
by Shadow April 30, 2003
21 48
term used to identify anything that cannot be placed into any definte catagoy
that was a nub
by Mutley the dog December 19, 1999
4 31