a variation of a noob. A lesser noob.

1. Nubtard
2. Nubtastic
Player 1: Hey man, you ready to kill Ragnarok?
Player 2: Hell Yes!
Player 1: Just don't be a such a nub this time...
by Jefferson Harris February 21, 2008
For all the tards out there that use this term loosely, or explain at length how it "originated in online gaming" - whatever.

"Nub" is a Navy submariner term for those who are new to the sub and don't know how to do anything yet (and thus unqualified in submarines)

Thus "nub" means "non-useful body" get it right, or don't use it.
Dude, he didn't know how to do that, he's still a nub.
by drewbe April 27, 2007
Two friends, that are extremely close. They are inceperable and act strangly humorous around each other. They usually have a bunch of inside jokes and you wont know what their laughing at. They have a handshake where they hit there elbows "nubs" with the other persons.
"Whoa, look at those nubs! They are like insane."
by Piper!1199 February 13, 2008
having no upper body strength.
Anthony is such a nubs.
by Nick Taylor November 28, 2007
1) Notably Ugly Baby
2) the annual National Ugly Baby Contest

James: holy shit, my kid is such a nub

Fumi: dude, my kid won the NUB contest.
by Chinito Gonzalez April 11, 2008
Common gaming lingo that seeped onto other cybersocial venues such as forums and myspace'ish sites. It is used as shorthand and synonymously with noob / newb / noobie.

While many will go on a long diatrabe about how there is a difference between noob / newb / nub / noober / nubber / noobski, they are all the one and the same and only a soccer mom with far too much time and little to do would sit around and try to analyze the non existant grammar of a 14 year old gamer slang.
You're a nub @ the internet for having to look this up.
by notanoobyaheard January 15, 2008
a person that considers himself or herself to be bisexual. the term is also defined by a hand sign which consists of bending the pointer finger and the first knuckle, forming a 'nub'.
that nepali girl is most definitely a nub; she is over there flirting with all the girls on campus.
by emma karki January 23, 2008
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