another word for newbie used by skilled people who play counter-strike
that guy shoots like a nubby
by turbo juice May 19, 2003
1. a n00b or newbie
Someone who is new to something, but thinks they are extremely talented in that area.

Christian just started playing the guitar two weeks ago, but he thinks that he is an undiscovered Jimmy Hendrix. He carries his guitar around everywhere and talks to people about his "studies". What a nub.
by andiexdestroy January 13, 2008
The real meaning of nub is a person that had a stub for an arm or foot but then realized they could touch with it. It burns so much to be touched by the nub and it really burns when it is cracked on your head! All bow down to the people with the nubs or DIE!!!
O MY GOD the nub is on a nubbing rampage. RUN!
by Beastly69 May 21, 2008
Stubby toes or fingers, always made more obvious by short nails. This is especially true with toes, tiny nail makes the toe look fat and round; this effect is greatly increased when a girl paints the teeny nail.
Kat ain't got no business wearing flip flops cuz she ain't got nothing but nubs!
by Biff Dude August 06, 2007
1. 3rd nipple
2. name for plumpton
"omg look at his lovely nubs"
by Babsy March 26, 2008
to do stuff. can also be used as nubbins, which means stuff.
"wanna go downtown and nub with us??"
or "hey, i like ur nubbins. they are very fluorescent and flamboyant"
by Gandhi nubbin M-K March 22, 2008
used in eastern sydney for testicles, balls.
I have a pain in the nubs.
My nubs are itchy.
by edrock February 24, 2008

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