Acronym for Non Useful Body. A newly reported personel to a navy warship, who is not yet qualified to operate any of the equipment, but is still entitled to food and air priveledges. Due to the large number of single sailors, nub has been used heavily and adopted by online gaming communities to refer to any new, unskilled person.
Round up a couple nubs to clean the head.

Hey nub, quit watching the tv and go qualify something!
by Twisted Twidget June 02, 2006
a nub is the little penis thing that girls have inside their vaginas
she has a little nub, & he likes to rub it on his penis
by nubbyfaceear April 27, 2009
A really stupid way of saying "noob"
Which a really stupid way of saying "newb"
Which is a really stupid way of saying "newbie"

Used by staggeringly unclever nerds to insult people but end up looking staggeringly retarded. Average age of user: 13-22 (When 99% of users reach 23 they realize how damn stupid they sound and stop speaking with lame, internet affectations)

People can cite the military all they like. Game nerds only use the word, because it is the mouth breathing internet dweller's idea of "clever" to respell shit in stupid ways.
Calling someone "nub" makes you look like a retarded 5 year old. It makes you look far more idiotic then those you mock.
by flowersinmidgar2 January 05, 2009
if you have to look it up you are one

stfu and gtfo nub
by qwedfgbnmkl August 25, 2008
another way of saying love.
'I nub this song'
by cantevensay September 11, 2009
loser; a person who has no life
OMG! You are such a nub! Your not allowed to go to the movies by yourself?

Wow, she's such a nub she doesn't have a cell phone.
by Georgeandgoliath May 04, 2009
an annoying Asian or Sub-Asian girl who often rants and rants about nothing in particular while blaming you for wasting her time
Wow Anushka just talked to me for 3 hours in a conversation she initiated and then blamed me for wasting her time after it was all over - what a nub.
by bluekeyburied February 26, 2009

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