someone who is a complete failure, dork, or loser. basically a failure at life. it is the ultimate insult. someone who uses nub as an insult after you just insulted them as a nub, definitely is a nub, and if you have to ask what it is, then you are one.
Girl speaks insults another girl...
Rachel: "Amy your such a nub"
Amy: "No your a nub"
This makes Amy a huge nub

used in a sentance
"Isn't Amy Shaughnessy a huge nub?"
by rachelshag April 18, 2009
A nub is someone who is a complete douche bag. For instance, the northern nubs are the biggest douchbags of them all! Thenorthern nubs or controlled and ran by the southern homies who run Huntington Beach. The nubs must do, say or act however the Homies tell them to.
Homie says: Yo nub got get me some maccas i got the munchies!
Nub says: what would you like?

they cant say no or whine about it or refuse to do anything or they will feel the wrath of southern homie
by Southern Homies April 03, 2009
an insult used by faggots
James keeps calling Zack a nub, what a faggot.
by soaringbadger December 24, 2008
nub = noob,
but if you call someone a noob, you are a noob,
so the pwnful people say "nub"
SammieJonas: No, I'm married to joe.
SammieJonas: You're a nub.
by Samanthaa* July 10, 2008
a person who is new
bad at some thing
BK is a nub

Mitch Taylor is a nub
by jewmeke June 17, 2008
1. A small amount of something, generally used to refer to weed. A small amount of weed that is less than a nickel bag amount; it is enough to get somewhat faded but not stoned.
2. A person who lacks skills in a game; generally due to the fact that they have only just begun to play the game or they just really suck. However the word has spread from outside the gamer world; it can also now be used in everyday society describing the lack of skills someone has in their jobs or whatever they partake in.
1. Hey Robert hook me up with a nub of that weed.
2. Kevin is such a nub at counter-strike.
by Seann November 16, 2005
A really stupid way of saying "noob"
Which a really stupid way of saying "newb"
Which is a really stupid way of saying "newbie"

Used by staggeringly unclever nerds to insult people but end up looking staggeringly retarded. Average age of user: 13-22 (When 99% of users reach 23 they realize how damn stupid they sound and stop speaking with lame, internet affectations)

People can cite the military all they like. Game nerds only use the word, because it is the mouth breathing internet dweller's idea of "clever" to respell shit in stupid ways.
Calling someone "nub" makes you look like a retarded 5 year old. It makes you look far more idiotic then those you mock.
by flowersinmidgar2 January 05, 2009

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