1. somebody who prones excessively in dod b/c he can't kill the enemy any other way than by queering him from a dark corner

2. anybody who bought retail dod
Anybody who has bought retail dod is a nub and therefore, is cut.
by Sh|ftynou September 12, 2003
A small lump.
Oww, there's a nub on my head.
by Smart Person Unlike You People August 17, 2009
a small penis
man look at dat boy he got a nub

that man has a nub
by V 4 Vendetta October 16, 2008
A definition similar to noob or n00b, who is someone who does not know anything about a topic. A nub is someone who has been doing something for a while and has had the opportunity to learn it, and they usually claim they know a lot about the topic, but they still don't know much about the topic.
The guy at rathcast.com is a total nub. He claims he knows sooooo much about computers, but his website is atrocious and he doesn't know a thing I don't know.
by starbucks95905 April 06, 2008
The result of someone who has either lost their hand due to getting it cut, burned, amputated etc. or born without one.
Did you hear about the new kid with the nub? He said he was born with it.
by Nubbs87 November 21, 2010
You. You are a nub for looking this up. A nub is not a noob (hah, classic nub thinking they are the same). A noob is someone who is new to something (a newbie), and thus inexperienced and often bad at it. A nub, on the other hand, is someone who has experience in something but is still terribad at it. Nub-ness applies to all aspects of life; encompassing one's knowledge, skills and even their views.
Burridge: I brought tacos.
Heman: Mexican night was last week, nub!
Felix: MAN! Coca Cola Cherry is like the same as Dr Pepper! I love it!
Roger: You are such a nub it disgusts me.
by Getting slicky with it. October 07, 2010
A polite version of nob, someone who is not quite a nob but almost there.
Person 1: That guy is a nob.
Person 2: Bit harsh, he's a nub
by NATPODGEY January 29, 2010
1. Nub is worse than a noob. A nub is someone whose been doing something for a while and is still slow and/or a retard at doing that thing.

2. Nub is someone not on your level but thinks they are so awesome when they are not.
1: OMG alexa is such a nub...she keeps taking my words when i clearly tell her its mine. I own NUB and every variation of it.

2:Dude i swear josh is a nub. he think he owns at halo when he completely fails at it.
by Jevsantos91493 July 17, 2009

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