1. somebody who prones excessively in dod b/c he can't kill the enemy any other way than by queering him from a dark corner

2. anybody who bought retail dod
Anybody who has bought retail dod is a nub and therefore, is cut.
by Sh|ftynou September 12, 2003
like noob or noobie but for extra beginners. people who are especially bad at something
josh is such a nub at halo
by isellcocaine May 07, 2010
nub and noob are not the same thing and everyone has it wrong on this site.

pwned them
noob:people who do idiotic things, fail miserably, and will never be good at the game
nub: people who are not anywhere's as close as good as the person who just pwned them, similar to a scrub
Guy 1: wow nub, get pwned...grenade then headshot ty

Guy 2: yah he didnt see that coming
by Jelly and Jeffy February 09, 2010
to manbir a sidhu, to be a complete waste of space
Manbir sucks at life...he is a complete nub
by Alan K. December 12, 2007
A fuzzy ball with googly eyes tube pipes and paper feet ,a huge success in my class.
Natalie:"Hey check out my nub!! Isn't it soooo cool!?! The whole class is gonna love it!"

by ali_100 September 23, 2010
Noun (Verb:Nubbin, Adjective: Nubby) - a general term for a feeling of slight discomfort. Other acceptable uses: Replacing a syllable in your place of work. (This being because most people have a slight discomfort towards their jobs to say the least)*1 Acceptable to replace words (that are obvious what they are)*2

Used Mainly around the Upstate NY Area
*1: Starbucks would be known as Starnubs for a place of work

*2: I was nubbin down Avenue D.
(Nubbin has replaced "walking", or "going down". This is acceptable since traveling down Avenue D would Leave most with a feeling of discomfort)
by Wootsie Stevens April 29, 2010
acting like fools wih the person who you love who is just weird or weirder than you.
"Jordan your such a nub!"
by lexa dean March 29, 2010
all of you people got it wrong in europe a nub is a dick dick=nub
guy 1:i think that guy over there has a boner.
guy 2:really? if so he must have a tiny nub
by lord cockles December 27, 2009

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