1. somebody who prones excessively in dod b/c he can't kill the enemy any other way than by queering him from a dark corner

2. anybody who bought retail dod
Anybody who has bought retail dod is a nub and therefore, is cut.
by Sh|ftynou September 12, 2003
When said person beats another with someone's arm nub and/or leg nub.
Bitch, i will NUB you!
by Dr.DoggFizzle March 29, 2011
someone who is infinitely dumb or saying unintelligent things one who is clueless about life.
Grace B is such a NUB!
by the 4 real September 29, 2010
Someone who particularly sucks at life or possibly cant excell no matter what he or she does
wow michael is such a nub
max isnt a nub
elijah is a nub

benny is a nub
sebas is a nub because he likes ac milan
by MEHHHHHHHHHHHHHH doo doo my sh September 20, 2010
If someone hand has been removed, then the end of the arm is seen to be a "nub"
hey dude, i like you're nub" "thanks dude, i had my hand removed especially for it
by onomlynne June 17, 2010
Someone or something who is particularly small, runt-like, annoying, or stupid.
Girl 1: Did you see what he just did?!
Girl 2: Yeah I know, he's such a nub.
by Lauruh March 29, 2010
one who isn't a noob (played a game for some time), but plays like one
kid watches people run in front of their screen and decides that it would be a awsome idea to plant an explosive= nub
by dez_nutz March 25, 2009
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