1. somebody who prones excessively in dod b/c he can't kill the enemy any other way than by queering him from a dark corner

2. anybody who bought retail dod
Anybody who has bought retail dod is a nub and therefore, is cut.
by Sh|ftynou September 12, 2003
1. n. The appendage resulting from the loss of a hand or foot.
"Yo, that bitch with no hands gave me a spub with her nubs after she furnked me last night."
by An affectionate nubler December 03, 2011
The act of bumping elbows, rather than fists.
You bought us tickets to a music festival? You deserve a nub for that.
by Festivalwriter November 15, 2011
1. the point, gist, or heart of something.
2. a knob or protuberance.
3. a lump or small piece: a nub of coal; a nub of pencil.
4. a noob
And that's the nub of the story.

You're such a nub.
by KoditheTyphlosion July 16, 2011
A finger that is missing the first joint(where the finger bends)
Kyle:Bro how did u get that nub on your ring finger?

Arin:Got into a cooking accident and cut off the first joint...
by Nubby nuberton May 12, 2011
when a guy takes too many drugs, but can still F**K. His penis turns into 1/10th of the size of original stature. His penis turns into a nub.
Put your nub away!' 'Look at your nub
by union of nub February 04, 2011
1: Round pink objects, could posess magical qualities that overpower mortals

2: People who are fuzzy and strange.

3: nipples

To fully understand nubs one needs to watch the scene in Paul Blart: Mall Cop when he's drunk at the bar and goes up to the Indian guy and is like "feel the nub"
Our romantic evening was spent making raspberry cupcakes that looked like nubs
by Isoruku Yamamoto December 23, 2010
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