1. somebody who prones excessively in dod b/c he can't kill the enemy any other way than by queering him from a dark corner

2. anybody who bought retail dod
Anybody who has bought retail dod is a nub and therefore, is cut.
by Sh|ftynou September 12, 2003
someone who played something for a long time, and still has no idea what they're doing. related to: noob, newb
George Bush is a nub.
by Fro Moua January 16, 2008
An erect clitoris. Used in place of "boner" when the subject is female.
Simon Cowell gives me such a nub.
by pinky_toe February 18, 2010
Born in 1992, in the harsh woodlands of Essex, England. Nubs (formally known as Lacey) was found as a babe by a menacing pack of grey wolves. Though the wolves first thought was to eat little Lacey, they only managed to nibble off her arms when they noticed the sweet side of her. They then decided to keep her and raise her as their own kin. They called her Nubs because the nibble wounds left her with wee stumps for arms. Over the years, Nubs realized she didn't belong with the wolves, she was different. She headed out into the vast city of London, England where she proceeded to become a Physical Education teacher. Even though she is now civilized, she is still called Nubs. Sometimes, when there is a full moon, you can hear her howling in the middle of the night, lifting her little nubby arms up to the sky.
Wee little gnome #1: Do you hear that howling?

Wee little gnome #2: Why, yes I do. I believe that is Nubs.

Wee little gnome #1: Nubs?

Wee little gnome #2: Yes, Nubs. You know, the girl who was raised by wolves and has wee stumpy arms.

Wee little gnome #1: Ah, yes. I remember her now. She teaches my wee little gnome daughter's P.E. class.
by givemesomebodytonub April 07, 2009
An extreme version of noob. Nub is to n00b what n00b is to noob or what noob is to newb. A nub might really suck at video games, be really stupid, or just be really noobish in general.
'I just beat the first level of Halo on easy! Woot!!!' -Liz

'lol, I played the whole game on Legendary, and it was easy. You're such a nub.' -Dylan


'I am so excited, I just installed a toolbar on Internet Explorer!' -Liz

'lol, nub, I could do that when I was 5. And IE sucks, use Firefox.' -Dylan

'What's Firefox?' -Liz

'...' -Dylan
by ShadowVegan February 16, 2011
A general expression to communicate something is sub par.

Nubs = lame, boring, gay, cheap, sub par, poor
"That burger I just had was nubs"

"Your so nubs bro"
by Nubberson November 13, 2009
The outline of a man's genitalia often seen due either to the owner of said nub's shorts being too tight or an awkward arrangement having been made of the shaft and/or sac. Common signs of a Nub are when you see what looks as though it is a miniature erection. This is not to be mistaken with an actual erection because in no way is the owner of the nub aroused, often times he is more embarrassed for his poor choice in shorts or placement of shaft. There currently is no known cure for chronic nub syndrome other than to invest in new clothes, start a new habit of placement, or to find friends who enjoy such sights.
-Cross Country Team Practice With Short shorts-

The Coach- "Alright boys sweats off, go run 10miles"

Runner- *taking off his sweats to reveal his new pair of shorts* "alright coach, lets do this!"

Team Member- *noticing his nub immediately* "no way your going out there like that! Your packing the biggest nub ive seen in years!"

Coach- "It's called self-respect! Put your sweats back on, your off the team! No one wants to see that shit."
by Chaboooy February 09, 2014
When someone is acting stupid, and or retarded and won't stop. Getting on someone's nerves for acting like a child, or just trying to be annoying, and will not act serious
Austin is acting like such a nub, because he drank to much tonight
by nubbin6969 April 28, 2011

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