also called a pastel goth
a brighter more pastel versions of goth that has been popularized through the social blogging site, tumblr starting in the 2010s. they're basically the new kind of hipster, but they like irony even more. they often have strange colored hair including lavender and silver. they wear either black or pastel colors, upside down crosses, and creepers.
person: ugh, you're such a hipster
nu goth kid: f*ck no, my style is more like nu goth
person: yeah, you're a hipster.
by a5hy February 26, 2012
Top Definition
Nu Goth is a Sub Genre of the gothic community heavily rooted and influenced by traditional gothic music, esthetics and philosophy. Popular bands among Nu Goths include Siouxie & The Banshees, Bauhaus, and Switchblade Symphony among many others from the Batcave and Post-punk era. It is important to note Nu Goth culture supports and encourages self discovery above all else. Within the culture, Nu Goths are encouraged to listen to all genres of music to expand their sense of self. For this reason it is not uncommon to run into Indie Nu Goths or Industrial Nu Goths. Nu Goths are deeply philosophical by nature and have a great interest in studying the human condition often thru Psychology, Philosophy, and the Occult. For this reason occult clothing and symbology is a vast part of the Nu Goth esthetic and culture.
That girl is so Nu Goth! She probably bleeds black.
by Nu Goth December 30, 2014
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