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Used in the app Farm Story. If there are no plants left to water, a person will put "ntw" on their wall. They usually do this to get more people to come to their own farms.
farmerwilly: ntw :'(
*waits for people to mooch off of*
by peecod July 09, 2010
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Short form of "Not to worry"
John: I hope they get here soon
Mike: NTW, mom and dad left about an hour ago so they should be there any minute now
by mthecarpenter October 20, 2011
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An abbreviation for New Technology Weapon. A 20mm or 14.5mm sniper rifle made in South Africa.
NTW 14.5mm sniper rifle, made by Mechem. Originating in South Africa
by 169 May 25, 2007
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NTW is an abbreviation that originates in Scotland that stands for "Nail The Whale".
The exact origin is unsure but it's thought to have originated in the Glasgow area (possibly South side of Glasgow) and realtes to the sexual conquest of some girl who was smitten by a guy called Skoot Mackoo.
"What you up to tonight ?"

"I'm out looking for Skoot"

"Looking for Skoot ? Why"

"I'm gonna NTW tonight"
by Baku Goose July 24, 2009
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