To say porn in a tongue not understandable by adults.
Man, that nrop was really good.. and stuff.
by Cynicist Exile February 24, 2003
It's porn backwords, but is slang for the avg. young men. Saying "Nrop" well help you feel more comfortable and youll be able to talk abour porn all u want in front of the ladies, but just make sure u call it "Nrop"
Have you Nropped to that web site?
by Bleu November 20, 2003
no records required online pharmacy
I ordered some meds from that NROP, and half a pill was missing!
by TokinDerrick August 05, 2006
porn or pornography
yeah man, i sold some nrop at school and didnt get caught
by sponge2009 June 28, 2009
a small penis that cant get a boner
alxe little cant get a bonner so he has a nrop when a girl is around
by drew and lucas November 01, 2006
a movie without sex. "Porn" backwards is nrop.
Disney movies are nrops.
by bread infection November 27, 2009
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