An urban or inner-city slang word for the term "nice".
Yo dawg, dat bitch has a NOYCE bootay!
by webphenom July 21, 2005
Top Definition
noyce, adj. - nice if said by a dutchman or an aussie. cockney or phoenetic pronunciation
Jay: Yo! Check out my new altezza lights!
Tony: Noyce, noyce....
by def June 16, 2004
When something is pleasurable and nice.
A good time.
Sweetness of circumstance.
it's time to get noyce!
That doob is really noyce man.
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
A variation of 'Nice' Originating from the West Country.
James - "Did you hear the new tune from mixmaster on Heart FM today?"
Ashley - "Oh Yes it was noyce!"
by GrapefruitYaDecak January 31, 2015
When something is nice people say noyce
Brandon Case always says "that is very noyce"
by Udek who I am March 03, 2016
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