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The 'Now' retro! A movement of ever regurgitating the past and reintroducing it back in the present or, sometimes even the 'neoteric' near future!
Comes in many names that in the example below, I couldn't help but self-coin a new one all by myself!
The 'Millennium Effect', retro-future/ retro-futurism/ retro-futurism, neo-retro, retro-modern, retro-vintage, metro-retro, retrogressive, retrocon (retroactive continuity), contemporary classic, neotraditionalism, retro-futurology, technostalgia, newstalgia...
Nowtro: also called the 'newtro', or my own self-coinage: neotro.
by hammer---;, hytham April 13, 2007
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