The suburban area radiating outward from Washington, D.C. Low-density housing on large plots of useless land consisting of man-made ponds and neighborhoods that boast names like Fair Oaks, Cedar Lakes, Penderbrook, Willow Landing, and etc. The region has some of the best public transportation in the U.S., but the residents of the area feel too entitled to utilize it, causing some of the worst traffic in the nation. In NOVA, there are no "Main Streets" - merely 4-laned highways full of 5-minute redlights at every intersection. Aside from Arlington, the area houses mostly families or married couples. Finding an individual who is willing to have a non-hostile conversation with you in NOVA is very difficult, as the NOVA resident species is very unfriendly. Scientists have proven that NOVA is the worst place on Earth.
"Welcome to NOVA, you fucking cock-sucking bitch, get used to it or get the fuck out of here."
by Pseudonym141 January 21, 2012
Top Definition
Northern Virginia. A term issued to the several counties surrounding Washington DC by other regions in Virginia. Rich-yuppy-suburban-capital of the world.
So where are you from?
by Quan Doan November 23, 2003
Vauxhall Nova (or Opel Corsa on the continent) - Early 90's budget car normally adorned with £23,000 worth of ill fitting bodykit and ICE (See system). Preferred 13th hand motor of the chav.
Spanish "este coche no va" (This car doesnt go)
by The FRiED February 14, 2005
Northern Virginia, the counties of Fairfax, Arlington, Prince William, and Loundon.
NOVA is a region of Virginia and suburbs of Washington, DC.
by Gfunk January 18, 2006
Northern Virginia, one of the busiest places in the country. worst traffic, and dirty politicians. yeah we got our yuppies..but we still ride hard.
ya im from NOVA bitch...
by V Dub June 30, 2006
Acronym for Northern Virginia Community College. Where the "N" stands for "Nowledge"
South Lakes Graduate-"I'm going to NOVA"
Herndon Graduate-"Dumass"
by Gina December 23, 2004
What most people in Virginia call the Northern Virginia Community College.
You're going to nova? Me too!
by Mike December 04, 2003
Noun (astrophysics terminology): the catastrophic self-destruction of a "main sequence" stellar body via a runaway nuclear fusion reaction caused by the accretion of hydrogen atoms over time, surpassing the star's ability to burn off the accreted hydrogen prior to the initiation of the reaction.
The Crab Nebula was originally thought to be the product of a nova explosion, but is now known to be the result of the supernova of star Taurus-A.
by speedog July 09, 2010

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