One of the bestest radios one can get in Paris
101.5 baby time fer the novamix
by Asp April 14, 2004
a crappy piece of scrap metal dat the owner hasnt got round to scrapping yet, instead, they insist on trying to do it up in a sporty sort of way.
you nova boy!

in other words, you looser!
by anon May 21, 2003
Very cool messagaboard, used to describe something cool.
Thats sooo Nova!
by Eggbert May 19, 2003
all u americans should kno its slang for a type of steriod by now
hey can u get me some nova?
by the canadian March 17, 2005
this is da kinda car driven by stoopid lil' boy racer chavs dat dont have enough intelligence to stay at skool in order to get a job and buy a decent car!!!
it is also da kind of car i'm being given but im gonna grunge it up and play heavy metal musik out of it just to piss off sum f**kin chavs!!!!!!!!
does it really need one???
by lozza101 March 02, 2005
Skanky automobile driven by boyracer/chav scum. Usually modified beyond recognition with a giant exhaust pipe or two to make the engine sound 'Prrropper phat man'.
Delinquent 1 - 'Eeeya man ow phat is me wickedly buzzin nova?
Delinquent 2 - 'Itz well wicked now tek me to me communyti servis or im off to get me dad to stab ya cos e's well ard
by Ali October 25, 2004
Expensive and not very salty smoked salmon, from "Nova Scotia."
Gimme a bagel, some nova and cream cheese -- no oinion!
by cornholio October 30, 2003
A Shit Melbourne Radio Station that plays Shit music
by Anonymous October 01, 2003

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