One of the bestest radios one can get in Paris
101.5 baby time fer the novamix
by Asp April 14, 2004
northern Virginia, consisting ONLY of Alexandria, Richmond highway and up. Suburban area to DC. The DMV.
Moe: aye shawd im tryna fuck witchu, where you stay?
Youngin': NOVA like shit.
by batch booy February 28, 2012
shitty little vauxhaul car driven by a pikey. a nova can usually be purchased for about £150, but in order to be fully functional it needs to be filled with £8,000 worth of stolen stereo equipment (it's a well known fact that the engine in an average 1989 nova is not powerful enough to propel the vehicle up a small incline, and therefore the movement generated by some 'pumpin happy hardcore bass' is required to complete most journeys).

most novas are driven repeatedly around the ring roads of deadbeat english towns like mansfield and aldershot. presumably this is because the steering columns are all bollocksed so they can only turn in one direction.

the classic nova is now an endangered species due to the proliferation of the lesser-rusted saxo in many towns.
kevin's got a new nova, it's well bazzed up. ee's bringin' it raahnd t'circuit on sundeh
by noodlé December 19, 2003
Possibly one of the hottest strippers to ever have existed, usually are white but speak spanish and claim to be of mexican background. particularly good at pole tricks.
That Nova is the hottest stripper i've ever seen

she does great pole tricks while dancing to" Lean Like a Cholo"
by d'quan February 28, 2012
Result of the campaign in Texas to replace the overused word awesome; stellar, cool, groovy; Totally awesome= Super Nova.
That CD you burned for me is so nova.
by LoJo January 09, 2007
Small scuttery little Vauxhall car from 1983-93. Was probably quite good at the time, but nowadays most Novas have been modded to the hilt with a colossal sound system, stupid fins, and stupid chavvy drivers. Choice car of townies. Almost always seen in white.

Replaced in 1993 by the Corsa. This is partly because "Nova" is Spanish for "it doesn't go", which is apt to many badly modded Novas.
Wouldn't it be amusing to have an interesting and ironic Nova Race round the streets of Wycombe? No modifications allowed, booming sound systems compulsory.
by KHD May 16, 2004
shit car
"My nova's got a phat sub and amplifier", "So what engine has it got" <<long pause>> "...998cc"
by Schmidt April 25, 2003

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