One of the bestest radios one can get in Paris
101.5 baby time fer the novamix
by Asp April 14, 2004
The most amazing girl you will ever meet! She's wild, fun, and always nice to everyone. Not to mention she's really hot!
Damn that nova is something special.
by Auntyem February 07, 2014
A.k.a BOSS ASS BITCH- An outgoing blonde sexy and athletic female who thinks tacuma has pretty female parts.
Nova aka Bob saget aka what a chode
by Benny the jet rodriguez January 08, 2014
Ok so its funny how all these Northern Virginians can sit here and diss Southern Virginia when honestly they do not what they are talking about. Ok they claim that they have the highest Education in the state BUT! Virginia Beach, Hampton,York county,Williamsburg, and Chesapeake are considered the highest educated schools in America. Also they want to considered us Country when Virginia beach and Norfolk are the biggest cities in the state. They want to play "ohh we got fairfax" fairfax is so small they can't even convert into a city (like Norfolk became independent and became a city and Princess Anne county became Virginia beach). Another thing they want to claim is how we are all unemployed and poor when our military bases control their military bases we basically protect NoVa from terrorist since you know we are the biggest military area in the country. We do have high end government jobs here from harbors, world trade centers, and port authority. Another thing is how we are all country but their are more Native New Yorkers and northern in SoVa than there is in NoVa. Not to mention its more ghetto up there then it is down here most cities in Hampton Roads made the lowest crime before you start judging please learn the facts
NoVa really thinks that they're somebody
by Ayeeanne November 09, 2012
An acronym for No Oral, Vaginal or Anal. It is typically used as a general rule for a group that could potentially be sexual (e.g. a camp, school...etc)
1. wow, they broke the nova rule. they will be kicked out for sure.
by belles20 January 02, 2010
'Casa' Nova, the God of God's.

What everyman aspires to with the big black book. And that's not all.

Several (thousand) testimonials and counting.

The smoothest of the smooth.

"How you doin"

"My names Nova, that's right as in...."

*kisses girl*

The third and fourth lines are not usually needed.
by GuinessBookOfRecords July 10, 2008
A really big (the biggest) english language school in Japan (eikawa). It is a company that doesn't give a shit about it's employees or its customers. It fails to pay its staff and creditors or refund its students. It will endeavour to fuck all staff and students out of as much money as it can legally (and illegally) get away with.

The name NOVA is a derivative of NO VAcation and refers to the fact that staff and instructors recieve no vactions, benefits or entitlements as guaranteed under japanese law.
Jane: So, Jack, how do you like teaching in Japan?
Jack: It's nice, but I haven't been doing it long.
Jill: Who do you work for?
Jack: NOVA.
Jack: (embarrassed and sullen look on his face)
Jill: I'm sooo sorry for you.
by A. Montgomery September 15, 2007
shitty little vauxhaul car driven by a pikey. a nova can usually be purchased for about £150, but in order to be fully functional it needs to be filled with £8,000 worth of stolen stereo equipment (it's a well known fact that the engine in an average 1989 nova is not powerful enough to propel the vehicle up a small incline, and therefore the movement generated by some 'pumpin happy hardcore bass' is required to complete most journeys).

most novas are driven repeatedly around the ring roads of deadbeat english towns like mansfield and aldershot. presumably this is because the steering columns are all bollocksed so they can only turn in one direction.

the classic nova is now an endangered species due to the proliferation of the lesser-rusted saxo in many towns.
kevin's got a new nova, it's well bazzed up. ee's bringin' it raahnd t'circuit on sundeh
by noodlé December 19, 2003

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