Sweet, powder sticky stuff
Michelle Baba eats nougats in Fast Breaks everyday.
by Evan February 05, 2004
Another word for human excrement.
1) Dude is that nougat on your pants?
2) I got some nougat on myself in the bathroom.
by Jason Cole May 03, 2005
Contraction of the words Nigger, Bitch and Stupid. First used by Zee.
You are such a nougat!
by Du Rag April 03, 2005
a replacement word for a curse (ie fuck, shit etc.)
why don't you go the nougat away. that guy is such a nougathead. (fuck or shit would work there)
by Josh February 17, 2003
nougat is a relatively new word that refers to a high grade, potent marijuana, usaully haze. the word stemed from the word nugget, which refers to any type of marijuana
"i am hallucenating right now!"
-"how many shrooms did u eat?"
"none. i just blazed some fuckin nougat!"
by lawllawllawllawl October 01, 2006

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