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The supreme pimp of the Pacific Northwest
"Dude, I wish I could spin records as good as Notorious Abe."

"Woah, I wish I had the same taste in women as Notorious Abe."

"Man, wouldn't it be awesome if my car was as cool as Notorious Abe's?"

"Notorious Abe is way cooler than I am."
by Marcus Intalex May 16, 2003

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A jungle DJ from bfe (Spokane) who just might be asian if it weren't for his partents both bein white.
"Who's that fuckin gimp jumpin around on the empty dancefloor?"

"Oh, that's Notorious Abe. He can't dance, but he can spin."
by karlthepagan January 10, 2004
Mid-to-late 90s' spelling and pronunciation of Notorious Abe's name. This particular spelling and pronounciation went out of style when the real biggie was shot and died.
"Hahaha, I challenge the Notorious A.B.E. to a freestyle battle."
by Marcus Intalex May 16, 2003