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A man who has a shitty job makes no money has 3 kids loves the boy hates the women drinks monday thru sunday likes young women and cant play poker worth a damn whos 51 years old but acts like he's 16
The notorius drinkin playin poker and thinkin of young women on this fine friday
by datrell jenkins April 01, 2005
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undoubtedly an imaginary friend of "datrell jenkins", who is a bigoted white polluting this site with rubbish.
all you racist cracKKKas should swim back to europe, carryin, a pedophile under each arm.
by Canada street's in the bldg April 26, 2005
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A Guy that kicks butt; a guy that is feared by all others
If you get in his way, the Notorious B.O.B will run you over.
by BOB' December 28, 2011
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