drink-smoke-fuck till the day i die
to all the straight edge kids--
maybe you wouldn't be so damn uptight if you'd live a little.
You one of those christians that act like they have sand in there vaginas?

Nah, i'm not-edge.
by diglet May 26, 2008
Top Definition
if yr notedge you can smoke, drink, and fuck till the day you die.
some scene kids are straightedge. others are notedge.
by marisa mafiga May 05, 2007
till the day i die.
contrasting to STRAIGHT EDGE faggots, not edge kids are always the life of the party.

"you need to rollll another joint dude. "
"you think you can handle it?"
"dude, iiimm not-edge, i can handdddle anything."
by ara. March 11, 2008

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