A street word referring to Methamphetamines.

Etymology: Called "not" because when you're on Not, you're NOT hungry, NOT sleeping, NOT caring, NOT boring, etc...
Hubbard: Hey, man... what've you got for me?
Stanley: I got not.
Hubbard: Wicked, man. How much?
Stanley: It's all dolla' for dolla' this time.
Hubbard: Sounds great. I'll take 20 cents.
by RedRobin December 07, 2007
A word people used to say in the early 90s made popular by the movie Wayne's World. It means "not really" or "we were just kidding".
I got struck by lightning while I was rollerblading today. Not!
by P.A. July 13, 2005
An unattractive male.
"Don't you like him?"
"Ugh, no way. He's like, sooo not."
by CyanideKiss February 23, 2010
Used to describe an actual state of being.

When someone does something to the extreeme, or does something too much, you -contrary to popular belief- say "not" to describe those actions
-Not Jon Ha is a fag.
-Not Jen got dumped by Jon Ha.

-Not always beating up Jon Ha.
by JonHaisGay October 25, 2004
1> To intend to carry out a task and back out at the last moment.
2> To make a false statement.
James looks like Graham Cash not.
by Timmy2000 May 01, 2003
Boolean logic operator that inverts a given value. Often denoted with '~' ('!' in programming languages).
(NOT a) AND (NOT a') = a
by cloudRunner March 22, 2006

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