Certain classmates that like to read what other people are doing. They don't know how the hell to mind their own business and therefore think that EVERYTHING is their business. Get a life. Really. No one cares. Get over yourself and stop causing or trying to cause drama. Stay out of other peoples' business, because it isn't yours.
Gosh, why can't people mind their own business and stop being so nosy? Go away, please, and do the whole world a favor.
by milkyway December 20, 2006
Top Definition
Being up, or getting mixed up, in business or information that has no relationship to you whatsoever. Being up in the mix where you DON'T belong. Prying into the affairs and business of others.
Why you all up in the kool-aid - nosy ass, get out!
by adam neil April 27, 2006
someone who curiously pry into other people's affairs or business.
When someone is nosy it does them more harm than good.
by Gerard Irick December 07, 2009
(ADJ)someone who cares too much about people he doesn't care about. going out of one's way to find out information about people, places, or things that in no way shape or form pertain to anything he/she cares about or will ever accomplish
Josh was asking about the table cloths in a friend of a friends dining room because he's plastic. He couldn't help but be a bit nosy.
by TheDarkOneg September 12, 2012
game played by children in which a group of people call "nosies" and the group sticks there finger on their nose as fast as they can and the last person to do so loses and has to do a chore for the group
Rothy: " I don't want to throw all this fucking trash away."
Ross: " It doesn't matter you fucking lost nosies."
by Captain Woody June 17, 2007
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