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This is hemroids in your nose.

Symptoms include a itchy, painful and bloody nose.

Caused by picking your nose too much.

Treatment is easy, STOP PICKING YOUR NOSE!

From a very tired new mother who tends to mix up words when exhausted.


Road noise.
Patient: My nose has been hurting bad and it is also bleeding.

Doctor: Do you pick your nose?

Patient: No! That is gross.

Doctor: Well, it looks like you have noseroids which is caused by picking your nose. The easy answer is to stop picking your nose.
by Boobralicious June 03, 2009
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When you swap some cocaine monkeys gear for Creatine and watch him ram it in his face.
That dumb fuck snorted so many Nose Roids he'll be doing push ups with his nostrils
by Paddy_T Bag October 01, 2009
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