to perform oral sex on ones nose.
:suck my nose bitch, give me a nose-job"
by nose what i mean? May 22, 2004
nasal sex; via one or both nostril
She gave me a nose job. Like a blow job but much more painful for both of us. And she nearly suffocated.
by garyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy May 22, 2011
Nosejob, is the same as to blow one's nose.
Mommy I need a nosejob PLLEEAAASEEE!
by m0nk August 18, 2004
the act of covering ones nose with your mouth and blowing through it, making a funny noise come out of the person's mouth.
I was drunk and some random chick gave me a nose job, lololol...
by legend June 28, 2004
When a large nosed costa rican insets his nose into a large, loose, smelly vagina. HE takes a deep breath and inserts his nose into the vagina. He then begins to motorboat (swings his head side to side.)
Hey jorge did you give that Erin girl a nose job?
by Jorge Zuniga April 24, 2007
when a shnozz like frank rubs his huge nose all over a mans penis
yo last night frank gave laquan a nose job and now frank has jungle juice in his big italian shnozz
by spiderpig09 August 21, 2007

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