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(v.) Sticking ones' penis up a nostril. Usually a failed attempt at giving oneself a blowjob.
Nose sex leaves an unpleasant smell.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 27, 2004
131 45
Sex involving the use of a nose.

More specifically, the substitution of fingers and/or the male genitalia in favor of a large, phallic nose. This works best when the receiving partner possesses a clitoris.
I went to dinner with a man the other night. While his personality was lacking, he was quite well endowed. We went back to my place and had some hot nose sex. I rode his gorgeous appendage to the most incredible orgasm of my life.
by Øne January 13, 2008
50 24
Rubbing oneself's nose against another nose, penis or butthole.

Sometimes involves shoving a penis or a tongue up one or both or the nostrils.
I had so much nose sex last night that i can't breathe because there's too much cum clogging up my nostrils.
by Tittie Monster July 02, 2014
9 0
Carnal knowledge involving the olfactory glands
Annie snorts wildly during nosesex
by matt_ze_magnifico February 14, 2008
3 6