(v.) Sticking ones' penis up a nostril. Usually a failed attempt at giving oneself a blowjob.
Nose sex leaves an unpleasant smell.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 27, 2004
Sex involving the use of a nose.

More specifically, the substitution of fingers and/or the male genitalia in favor of a large, phallic nose. This works best when the receiving partner possesses a clitoris.
I went to dinner with a man the other night. While his personality was lacking, he was quite well endowed. We went back to my place and had some hot nose sex. I rode his gorgeous appendage to the most incredible orgasm of my life.
by Øne January 13, 2008
Rubbing oneself's nose against another nose, penis or butthole.

Sometimes involves shoving a penis or a tongue up one or both or the nostrils.
I had so much nose sex last night that i can't breathe because there's too much cum clogging up my nostrils.
by Tittie Monster July 02, 2014
Carnal knowledge involving the olfactory glands
Annie snorts wildly during nosesex
by matt_ze_magnifico February 14, 2008

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