Nort is a short word for snorting, as in cocaine.
I just norted a line of chop, i'm geeking like a sum bitch.
by DoNnOmEnAL September 25, 2008
Top Definition
nike shorts
no day is too cold for norts.
by 864 November 13, 2010
Someone that you don't like but you aren't sure why.
I know. He's just such a little nort.
by BlueSteele July 27, 2011
The term "nort" is commonly refered to certain individuals in our society today. The word doesn't nessesarily have a specific definition, it just commonly attributes to certain people. Thus, in short, the word "nort" is exactly what it sounds like.
-Look at Willy run through the cabbage patch - he's such a little NORT!

-That hobo is rummaging through the garbage again- tisk tisk, what a NORT!
by Nort Expert September 21, 2007
When a person is afraid of going to parties.
"Dude last weekend Jim didn't want to go to that party. He's such a Nort!"
by urbanhero123 February 21, 2009
Short for Norton Antivirus, aka computers, aka nerd, aka nort.
A word used for describing those of the most nortious manner;

The nerdiest nerd: Does encapsulate, but not limited to: gamer, book worm, school nerd, librarian, computer wiz, know it all, etc.
"I know pie to 637 digits"
"You're such a nort"
"Does not compute!"
by Thedefinerofallwords January 24, 2012
A small piece of something that is irregular in shape and worthless in value. Commonly referred to as "a little piece of shit"
My dog loves when i flick crusty norts off of the table into his mouth.
by Zdoggerdudemandogdude July 06, 2006

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