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A shitty high school with too many wings and courtyards, 9 periods in a day, and a shitty football team. What happened to all the bomb threats? we had 5 4 last year, this year? 0. fucking security with their little porn filled office.
I love NHS as much as Runyan loves watching senior girls.
by Brian December 02, 2004
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A school located in North Port, Florida, with a population of hicks, assholes, and douchebags.

The average IQ of a student is 12, and that's maybe the smartest person in the class.

All the kids think they can skate, but suck ass, just like the athletic school teams. They lost their Homecoming game.

If you go to this school you will be made fun of for having no 'swag' or have a fight started by at least 15 kids.

All these kids care about is weed, swag, and fighting.
"Dude I was so high on kush last night, me and my best bud dun threw hands!" -North Port High School
by YouAreAllFaggots August 23, 2012
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