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any boy from up north who is inevitably unable to treat a girl right and they are forever thinking that they are above everyone else. They enjoy messing with your head.
eurgh! u dirty northern monkey!!

Matt Kendall
by i love jeff haha April 13, 2005
10 26
one who has a pal that plays ggod pool outwith events that really matter and cheer his every shot
by Ross McKinness September 18, 2003
2 18
Any male from the North of England who is dull witted and probably works down a mine.
"Hull is full of northern monkeys"
by J March 28, 2003
19 38
Nick name given to a bloke who drives a taxi in knebworth, sleeps for England and moans about debt all day.
FFS is that Northern Monkey not up yet?
by RS February 04, 2003
6 26
Alex the best manager in the world
by anonymous September 30, 2003
2 28