The name of the night club on all the ships belonging to Holland America.
Hey lets go to Northern Lights, there's nothing else to do around here right now.
by gryphon84 August 18, 2009
1. A very potent type of cannabis plant. (weeeeed)
2. A very awesome band in the making.
86. boobs.
"Cody, passs me that northern lights niggggaaa."
by at91 October 18, 2011
Northern lights is a strong strain of weed.rely good
yo lets get some of that northern lights
by purple yum haze April 05, 2010
the best weed you could ever possibly smoke...very rare!
Man, we gots to get some northern lights!
by OoRancidPitPunkoO August 14, 2003
the act of cumming onto a chest while at the same time punching the person in the nose till the blood runs onto chest then vommiting, urinating, and shitting on the chest, to create a dazzaling affect of colors.
Man,i want to show that chick the northern lights!
by the car pie December 25, 2010
Blackpool - England
fookin' northern lights
by bo-sama January 09, 2004
Dispite what people think , this weed is very hard to find and is usually fake or extremly exapensive or both. Any way , northern lights is a light green color with med to larg size buds , A sure way to tell if its real is that northern lights is one of the only strains with no hairs. It will have you in a soaring high where you just wanna party and go wild. Very enjoyible :D
whoa after that bowl of northern lights i think im soaring. lets find somthing to do for the next 4-6 hours until i hit the ground. Maybe lazer tag??
by Jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyym December 04, 2005

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