Known as a country which is part of the UK, but called "The Province" (also called a few other things!).

Thatcher fought desperately to fend off the prospect of joint-sovreignty in the 80s over it with the Republic in the south.

Just an annoying space of place which if put up to referendum, Britain would probably give over to the Republic! Nothing to offer by way of wealth or culture - it just exists.

Plus I'm just rambling to vent out frustations over nothing in particular and taking it out on N Ireland (!)
"I live in northern Ireland, not Northern Ireland"
by britishandworried January 31, 2005
A shithole part of Ireland that most people on the island would like to split off from the real Ireland and float into oblivion. The cause of much bloodshed and economic downturn for Ireland, and a drain on the British taxpayer. The only good thing ever to come out of this sectarian stain on the globe was George Best, but then when he became an alcoholic most people realised what a bitter wanker he was. His life is very much a metaphor for Northern Ireland. The people of 'norn iron', as protestants enjoy calling it due to their hatred of anything to do with ireland, are a shower of cunts who enjoy fucking it up for the rest of the UK and ireland. northern ireland should be wiped from the earth.
"Im from norn iron (northern ireland). aye. listen to my stupid pseudo-scottish accent. i have no culture. aye, och, im away to eat some sody bread aye."
by normalirishpersonnotanortherner October 14, 2007
A rubbish part of Ireland which the Irish Republican Army and even some crazy Southerners wants attatched to the Republic for some unknown reason.
Southerner: The IRA wants Northern Ireland to be part of the Republic. They must be out of their minds.
Southerner 2: Definitely. Let the Brits keep it.
by dudeinwales October 24, 2006
A smelly shithole. Thankfully seperated from the Republic by a border, which is unfortunately no longer militarised due to the evacuation of British troops.
Me: Thank God I don't actually live here in Northern Ireland! It's shit.
Northerner: No it isn't!
Me: Actually, it is. Belfast looks like a fucking concentration camp or something. What's with all the barbed wire and fences! And the retarded chavs who attack policemen, firefighters, and anyone wearing the wrong soccer jersey, the paramilitaries, Orangemen, need I go on?!
Northerner: You're right, feck this, I'm moving to the West Country. Or Wales. Or the South. Even Glasgow isn't as shite as this armpit.
Me: Now you're thinking straight. I'll book a ticket on Ryanair and get us the feck out of here. Let's never speak of it again.
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006
a country that doesnt exist. its proper name is the illegally occupied six counties in the north of ireland,their "national football team" is made up mostly of players in englands 2nd division and players in the irish league as for the limited supporters they could easily fill an olympic sized swimming pool(preferably with bricks tied to their feet).most catholics in the north support the far superior republic football team and despise the 6 counties team even wanting england to win when they play the 6 counties. chief export: labourers and whingers, chief import: semtex and weapons and money grabbing wannabee landlord ex-patriots. main income is tourism, but avoid the giants causeway it is absolute shite, as is belfast(all except for the catholic parts of west belfast).
"so jackie fullerton, what did you make of northern irelands performance?.
"well i have to say what a glorious match by our boys, defended well and played brilliantly"
"aye jackie, but we were beat 12 nil by the bulgarian paralympic girls team".
by da original playa June 02, 2006

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