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The land of bowler hats, marching and orange sashes. Lets not forget drug dealing to fund arms purchases. Why fight over the place?
I say old man, can I walk past your house?

No, feck off, this is Northern Ireland.
by Jizz Mopper September 15, 2003
The most racist part of the "United Kingdom", the whole island of Ireland, and perhaps even all of Europe.
Ay, did you hear the other day some hundred Romanians fled their homes in Belfast because they were chased by a bunch of gun-wielding hooligans?

What? I thought Northern Ireland was peaceful...oh wait Romanians...Pfft...get em out of here!
by ckckds August 28, 2010
A real country. Just incase all those wee shitheads didn't know that. I should know coz I am from there. I think all you wee wankers are just jealous of our country so you had to comment on it. You big douchehead. Yes, I agree we have had our fair share of a bad past, with the troubles and all that, but I don't know why all you's f*ckers give a shit coz half of you's that are commenting on this aren't even from Northern Ireland so shut your dicks. And Northern Ireland is just as god as any other country. We have beautiful scenery, a good history and I love our wee country coz it means we can go anywhere in it without having to get a plane. Unlike if you wanted to go from the north of England to the south of England, it would take you ages, so shut your fanny's especially all you wee irish dicks who think you's know everything. I don't know what you're commenting on Northern Ireland for because the Republic has protestants and Catholics aswell and the Battle of the Boyne actually took place in Dublin so don't be giving Northern Ireland that load of shit you wee cunts. And it's not like Ireland has a better football team or is any more talented that anyone from Northern Ireland so shut your big caked faces!!!!!!!!
I am from Northern Ireland. It's great.
by Jerry Fairy May 18, 2009
the best wee country in da world
we have sum awesome words nd songs like:
ulster til we die
u r my davis my only davis

not brazil we're northern ireland
norn iron

so dont dis r country, we may be nt that gd at football, rugby, or really and other sport but we have spirit and loyalty
so im definately

ULSTER TIL I DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 wat da craic
2 u missed a load a banter last nyt
(both common northern ireland sayins)
by pieface4444 October 07, 2011
made up of two types of people:
catholics, who whinge constantly about being downtrodden etc and who love to blow people up and shoot them.
prods, who whinge constantly about being under siege, would crawl on their hands and knees through broken glass so they could use some english cunts shite for toothpaste and who love to blow people up and shoot them.
northern ireland is shit.
by fucknorthernireland February 23, 2009
The last part of the british empire.
Give it up limeys, your reign as a superpower is over.
by Jimmy April 18, 2005
Known as a country which is part of the UK, but called "The Province" (also called a few other things!).

Thatcher fought desperately to fend off the prospect of joint-sovreignty in the 80s over it with the Republic in the south.

Just an annoying space of place which if put up to referendum, Britain would probably give over to the Republic! Nothing to offer by way of wealth or culture - it just exists.

Plus I'm just rambling to vent out frustations over nothing in particular and taking it out on N Ireland (!)
"I live in northern Ireland, not Northern Ireland"
by britishandworried January 31, 2005