Dispite what people think , this weed is very hard to find and is usually fake or extremly exapensive or both. Any way , northern lights is a light green color with med to larg size buds , A sure way to tell if its real is that northern lights is one of the only strains with no hairs. It will have you in a soaring high where you just wanna party and go wild. Very enjoyible :D
whoa after that bowl of northern lights i think im soaring. lets find somthing to do for the next 4-6 hours until i hit the ground. Maybe lazer tag??
by Jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyym December 04, 2005
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Currently the second strongest weed available. It prevailed for a long time as the strongest until white widow was introduced. Named after the glimmer of the trichomes and crystals covering the buds in comparsion to the actual northern lights. It also has a very bright, pine green color to it. Very hard to find the real stuff nowadays. A one hit knockout.
Ayo, lets go cop some northern lights. That shit'll put you on your ass from one hit.
by Kidd Flow October 15, 2004
1. A book by Phillip Pullmann (Called The Golden Compass in America)

2. A type of Weed.
1. Guy 1: I just read Northern Lights.
Guy 2: You read weed?

2. Guy 1: I just smoked some Northern Lights.
Guy 2: You smoked a book?
by Billyjoejimbob the second April 08, 2006
A pure indica strain of marijuana that was origannally grown in holland. Northern lights is a darker green with clear crystals and usually has orange hairs. Now northern lights is often used as a hybrid with strains that are primarilly sativa. Pure northern lights tastes and smells piney. It gives a couchlock or knockout high.
Northern Lights is almost always grown indoors.
by Bill February 09, 2005
One of the best Marijuana Strains out today. The Smell makes you high by itself. NL normally features a dark green(light green in #5)color and orange hairs. Gets you high in a second.
my bros and I were waiting all week to hit some Northern Lights. When we did it hit us hard. Felt like we were spinning, ate a bunch of general tso's and laughed our asses off...oh yea pink floyd made a bunch of sense too.
by j-a--y February 19, 2006
Damm right the best weed. Plenty about in Holland.
In a coffeeshop: "€15,- northern lights/noorderlicht graag..."
by jerry January 26, 2004
Strand of Marijuanna. First grown in the Netherlands and migrated to the US in the 70's. This strand is one of the most strong and powerful plants of the world. The plant doesnt grow high so is mostly grown indoors. It produces large leaves and buds that are very crystalized. Has a very sweet smell and a very earthy taste. Gives you one of the best "Highs" you can possibly get of any cannabis strands. One of the best choices for a pot smokers.
Guy 1: Long day bro, you got any weed?

Guy 2: Bro you know I always got that Northern Lights!
by Q-Dogg94 September 22, 2010
a sweet type of weed; it gets you excited. roll into a nice joint!
northern light?? sweet, i love that shiit
by dirty6 30s December 16, 2008

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