The north shore refers to the extremely affluent northern suburbs of chicago. They include kenilworth, wilmette, winnetka, lake forest, glencoe, deerfield, northfield, northbrook, glenview, and some parts of evanston. 99% of the people are white christians(with the exception of evanston), and almost everyone is mega-wealthy. The super rich kids attend New Trier high school, one of the top rated high schools in the nation. people drive mercedes, range rovers, ferraris, etc and the shop at only the best such as louis vitton, lacoste, and juicy. The guys r the best athletes around, and we have the hottest cheerleaders, all blonde or brunette of course. we are the best, and everyone knows it. we have the city of chicago twenty minutes away, with limitless possibilites. the north shore will always be on top, no matter what
the north shore is equal to orange county, greenwich, or ny's upper east side
by Ian Van Dernam December 27, 2007
The North Shore of Staten Island. It houses cultural diversity, various outlets for entertainment, and the Staten Island Ferry. Some claim that it is dirty and poor, but the said people are usuially from the South shore, and are naturally inclined to hate diversity.

Some of the North Shore's best assets include The Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Clove Lakes Park, The Staten Island Ferry, and Borro Hall Park. Borro is a meeting place for youth who are more inclined to listen to rock music, play hacky sack, and talk about whatever.
"Shit yo! Look at the rocker! What's a North Shore kid doing here? Go back to the gettho fucker!" -Actual quote from a sterotypical South Shore child.
by Tempist Opps October 25, 2004

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