The north shore refers to the extremely affluent northern suburbs of chicago. They include kenilworth, wilmette, winnetka, lake forest, glencoe, deerfield, northfield, northbrook, glenview, and some parts of evanston. 99% of the people are white christians(with the exception of evanston), and almost everyone is mega-wealthy. The super rich kids attend New Trier high school, one of the top rated high schools in the nation. people drive mercedes, range rovers, ferraris, etc and the shop at only the best such as louis vitton, lacoste, and juicy. The guys r the best athletes around, and we have the hottest cheerleaders, all blonde or brunette of course. we are the best, and everyone knows it. we have the city of chicago twenty minutes away, with limitless possibilites. the north shore will always be on top, no matter what
the north shore is equal to orange county, greenwich, or ny's upper east side
by Ian Van Dernam December 27, 2007
North shore is a mountain biking track made from wood and other materials. Such places exist in 'les gets' france.
"dude, that nort shore is sick"
"fuck XC, im gonna ride some north shore"
by Joseph Kirk March 25, 2007
Surprisingly Milwaukee like Chicago has their own version of the North Shore called well, the North Shore. Consisting of the Milwaukee suburbs of Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Fox Point, Glendale, Brown Deer, River Hills, and Bayside. Some indeed also would throw in the Ozaukee County municipalities of Cedarburg and Mequon. (What kind of place is Ozaukee County? Just imagine a place where Hitler, Martha Stewart, and Felix from 'The Odd Couple' all got their own way. It's that scary.)

Like their counterparts in Chicago's North Shore the residents of Milwaukee's North Shore are very, very white (save for Glendale and Brown Deer, home to Milwaukee's few wealthy blacks that haven't moved back to the South) and very, very wealthy: poor people there are defined as those who have only a 3-series BMW or a C-class Benz. Though home to many 'limousine liberals' that prattle on about the perils and tribulations of minorities and the working class, North Shore residents stand firmly behind their police departments who love nothing better than to hassle black or white working class motorists.

The average North Shore resident has graduated from the greatly overrated Nicolet High School and has never heard anything but utter praise throughout his or her existence. Also prevalent amongst the female population there is a "disease" called bulima: apparently affluence is so difficult that they have to eat perfectly good meals and vomit them up.
I got rich on the market and moved to the North Shore-I was afraid to catch cooties from the blacks.
by cmb53233 July 03, 2006
Another word for ladders and wooden bridges on mountain bike/freeride tracks. The word comes frpm the immense quantity of ladders and bridges in Canada's north shore mountain bike tracks.
Xtreme d00d: I just fell off a 30 foot north shore bridg and smack my head in.

Me: Haha, you suck!
by biteityouscum October 08, 2005
North Shore is a place that has become quite famous in Texas because of its football team. However, it is seldomly seen as what it really is--- a school seeping of under-achieving, spoiled kids that think it's funny to curse out teachers who get paid more than their parents because they actually took the time to educate themselves.
Yes, that's right. In Houston, Texas, North Shore High School is crawling with these kids. And besides that population of wanna-bees, girls of foreign lips (and voices, and dress) dance on the laps of guys, although their relationships are set to end.
The teachers at North Shore don't trust the students w/ PDA (public displays of affection, for all of you mentally challenged)...(even though they're very leniant) to the point where the dances are in the gyms and the bright lights are on.
But, hey, on the other hand, the highschool is the best in Texas when it comes to the social world. Maybe a little crazy, but it's "all good at da' Sho!"
"Wha' da' HELL shes wearin'?"
"Oo, girl, you betsta watch how you speak. You representin' No' Sho'!"


"Ew, do you see the way those girls are acting?"
*both laugh*
"Yeah, they must be from North Shore or something."
by strangergirl June 08, 2007
located in the suburbs of the Chicago land area on the lake, Most of the current definitions are correct, but also the north shore consists of snotty emo freaks who think their lives suck even though they have everything, and ALL the kids are so obsessed with themselves they take "myspace Pictures" of themselves all day long.
"that girl has slits on her wrists and is wearing designer jeans"
"she must be from the North Shore"
by Shonnin March 04, 2006
The North Shore (of Boston) is an area where many people live. Lots of fishermen live there as well.
There are good seafood restaurants on the North Shore.
by thejman June 27, 2005

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