The north shore refers to the extremely affluent northern suburbs of chicago. They include kenilworth, wilmette, winnetka, lake forest, glencoe, deerfield, northfield, northbrook, glenview, and some parts of evanston. 99% of the people are white christians(with the exception of evanston), and almost everyone is mega-wealthy. The super rich kids attend New Trier high school, one of the top rated high schools in the nation. people drive mercedes, range rovers, ferraris, etc and the shop at only the best such as louis vitton, lacoste, and juicy. The guys r the best athletes around, and we have the hottest cheerleaders, all blonde or brunette of course. we are the best, and everyone knows it. we have the city of chicago twenty minutes away, with limitless possibilites. the north shore will always be on top, no matter what
the north shore is equal to orange county, greenwich, or ny's upper east side
by Ian Van Dernam December 27, 2007
Small country town on the north shore of Oahu(Hawaii).THE best place in the world,hands down.
Its a melting pot of the coolest people from every different country, and not to mention the most epic beaches and surf in the world. You should definately visit, just dont forget to leave :)
"Ho brah north shore is going off!"
by missingtheislands September 01, 2008
(adj.) pompous, stuck up, overly expensive and totally unnecessary. Named after the North Shore suburbs of Chicago.
Those diamond encrusted boots were so north shore.
by stan12123 May 31, 2015
day in the life of a north shore 16 year old girl:
wake up, search through their huge closet full of designer clothes. today they feel like dressing more on the downside, what do they put on? a preppy lacoste polo (collar up), with a pair of trendy seven jeans and a juicy sweater. shoes are probably pretty expensive, and to top it all off, tiffany jewelry completes the ensemble. pack your "backpack" (i.e., your herve chaplier big bag). books, kate spade pencil case, louis vuitton planner, prada wallet with their 100s of dollars daily allowance, keys on a coach keychain, cell phone...everything is there. time for school, hop into your bmw and pick up your best accessories, your friends. they are probably wearing similar things than you...all designer, pricey bag, jewels, etc. they don't have their licences yet, but as soon as they do, you'll probably switch off between your bmw and their mercedes and range rovers. school..everyone is the queen bee. everyone has different personalities, but they still have a lot in common with the others- closets full of pricey clothes and high class parents. now that it's the end of the day, its time to go out with your best girls, grab a latte and "do homework". Your so wiped that you go home, chill and go to bed. it will be the same thing tomorrow.
wealth and riches, its all here.
by haught-y June 24, 2005
The North Shore is an awesome group of northern suburbs of Chicago. It's funny because all towns sort of rival each other. At New Trier Highschool, one of the top high schools in the nation, its like "oh, they're from glencoe? thats why he has a jew fro." stuff like that. Everyone here drives bmws, lexus', audis, range rovers, etc. If you dont' drive one of those, your basically poor. The girls basically are bitches. Yeah, theres some nice people but not many. All the girls act super fake especially on facebook or text and then they are super bitchy in person. How could i complain though? this place rocks. And yeah we have it a lot better than everyone else. The only people who we compare ourselves to and wish we had the stuff of are celebrities.
Winnetka kid "They are from wilmette?"
Highland Park kid "Yeah, they have never even been inside of EStreet!"
Winnetka kid "I feel so bad for them."
Both "hahaha"

*note nobody talks to your face here in the North Shore
by iloveestreet October 09, 2010
Refers to the suburbs along Lake Michigan north of Chicago, where in the next several years, hundreds of "rich" people will be found out to be nothing more than superficial posers who badly abused their credit cards. Also site of hundreds and hundreds of ostentatious McMansions destined to become group homes because the people currently living in them can't afford them and they will be foreclosed, whereupon only truly wealthy people will live in mansions and the rest of these vulgar structures will be divided up so each roomer gets his/her own bedroom and bathroom.
Many North Shore moms driving black luxury SUV's in designer shades can only afford the lease because Dad hasn't made a mortgage payment in over two years and they're secretly mansion squatters.
by RealityChx January 23, 2011
The extremly wealthy north suburbs of Chicago. Well know for its great schools and wealthiness. Some of the greatly recognized schools are New Trier, Glenbrook South, Glenbrook North, and many other schools. The North Shore includes
Kenilworth, Winnetka, Wilmette, Glenview, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Northbrook, Deerfield, and Evanston. Basically, the average costs of these houses are well over 1 million dollars, and some of these propertys are even on the lake. Many kids have all designer clothes and for their sixteenth brithdays get cars such as BMWs, Lexus', Audis, and i have even heard of some getting Lamborghinis. Some 16 year olds even get yachts for their birthdays. This area is full of many bitches that you really don't want to be around, but it also has some nice people.
"Here Seniors don't throw pennies at freshmen, we throw quarters and nickels because we are from the North Shore"
by NORTH SHORE GIRL September 13, 2008
New York has The Hamptons. Los Angeles has Beverly Hills. We here in Chicago have the North Shore.

The North Shore is a group of suburbs north of Chicago that the majority of line up against Lake Michigan, thus the name "North Shore".

I'm from Chicago, and I will truthfully say that no, not all of the "North Shore" is snobby rich kids. (Like Evanston for instance, is a pretty decent and diverse suburb). However, don't give us the "you're just jealous because you wish you were as rich as us" attitude. Because honestly, it is way cheaper to live in the suburbs than it is to live in the city. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that everyone in Chicago can move to the north shore and buy a mansion. What I'm saying is that if all the rich families in the north shore were to move into the rich neighborhoods of Chicago, they wouldn't even nearly be able to aford the same quality houses they once had.

We don't need you to tell us you're rich. We've seen rich. Chicago has families with more wealth beyond your beliefs, so that's not an issue with us. It's the stuck up attitude that pisses off a lot of Chicago residents. Believe me, We have areas like Hyde Park, Lincoln Park, and The Loop. All of which have families with 10 times more cash than your families, so your wealth is nothing of suprise to us.

In Chicago we don't care if you've got a great car, a huge house, or a nice school. Our lives are still more exciting than yours.
A popular band from the North Shore is Fall Out Boy (Even though most out-of-staters have the crazy idea they're from Chicago.)

A popular movie that depicts some of the snootiness in comparison to the normality of the North Shore is Mean Girls
by TheVogueMafia May 11, 2008

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