North Korea is best Korea
Lee Myung Bak: Hey Kim, let's go to Seoul in South Korea.

Kim Jong Il: Nah Pyongyang in North Korea is better.
by DO IT FAGGOT!!!!!111 October 30, 2010
A queer country that doesn't know how to launch missiles. They just want attention, so they start launching WangDangBong 2's up in the air. "Capable of reaching the US" If it reaches the US, it'll instantly be shot down, and 10 atomic bombs will take out north & south korea. Just like the 2 that hit Japan after pearl harbor. Fuckin' right...
North Korea will end up like Japan, and have memorials for all the people that die from atomic bomb attacks. Let them keep their shit up.
by SaM SKiZZy July 05, 2006
The best vacation spot in the world
"Visit North Korea lately?"
"Yeah! What a vacation that was! It was sooooo beautiful!"
by PaPaPizzo! November 13, 2007
The only country to stand up to American bullshit!
Oh look! We're FREEEEE!!!
North Korea is the fucking CHEIF!
by nz555 December 06, 2010
This definition has been censored for your benefit by the government of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
North Korea is the best country ever!!!
by Meepster May 27, 2015

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