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Home of the Lifted trucks, Rednecks, and Fights Every weekend. It's really a good time, if you know the right people. The older Generation is more laid back, and quick to break a hater's eye socket. The younger Generation are not as tough, and are more subject to whining. Every time a new piles song comes out, the younger generation thinks they are bad ass lol.
Can YOU handle North Fort Myers?
by T.W.P. July 12, 2011
9 4
am unbelievably boring city (in florida), where nobody does anything, oh and it has a large amount of rednecks and it sucks, it also has like 3 fast food restuarants. it sucks here. 239. Lee conty.
Everything sucks in North Fort Myers
by sheyla June 22, 2008
30 13