Any area in the city of Tulsa that lays north of Admiral, the dividing NS line. The shittiest part of town most of the time, with the most crime, but still not bad. For some reason rich people are afraid to go to North Tulsa because they think something bad will happen, but I live in North Tulsa and have no real problems that you wouldn't have anywhere else. The key for anyone anytime anywhere is to stay out of other peoples business and no one has a problem with you.

North Tulsa has more culture than any other side of town!
White person from Jenks : Don't go to North Tulsa you'll get shot!

Other person: Your fuckin pathetic. I'd love to see you go to Cali or Detroit you'd piss yourself
by fuckyou82 October 29, 2006
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The area of town affiliated with the most diversity along with crime and violence. Often thought of as ghetto or the hood the north part is looked down upon quite often
White person from broken arrow" north Tulsa is ghetto"
by Yung Savage March 15, 2015

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